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Myth: First eat, then exercise Fact: Your body burns more fat when you hit the gym before you eat breakfast #Concept1 #ProactiveFitness #Gym #Facts #DailyExercise
Here we bring you some useful information which will clear your myths. MYTH : " Sweat is a tool to measure weight loss " TRUTH : Sweat is a Biological response that cools your skin and regulates internal body temprature and not fat burn. #Concept1 #ProactiveFitness #ClearYourMyths
Concept1 One can't cheat on it and then expect it to work. fitness motivation fitlife fitnessgoals, The Best Gym in Vadodara.
The greatest of all the evils can be eradicated through honest justice - World day of Social Justice. #Concept1ProactiveFitness #Gym #SocialJusticeDay
It was lots of fun with sweat, puffs and aahs at #Concept1 today. We had a very energetic group #fitness #competition today. At least 15 groups participated with at least one lady participant per group (it was compulsory) of four members. One group was with entirely lady participants (happy to say). All worked hard but enjoyed much.